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There ought to be a Quiz Club in every city, every town of this country. (Ex : Mangalore Quizzing Association) Each and every school/college or an organization would have a Quiz Club (Ex : Quotient Quiz Club). Or it can be just a bunch of amazing quizzers getting together every weekend for a quiz (Ex : KQA)


Blogs listed under this category are maintained and updated by Quiz Clubs : College Quiz Clubs, Organizations  etc

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1 Quizicians.in (Daily)
2 Quiztopher Qolumbus (Daily)
3 Q-BIT Mesra (Daily)
4 Don Quizote - IIT Bombay Quiz Blog (Weekly)
5 GeoGenius (Weekly)
6 Quotient Quiz Club - PESIT (Weekly)
7 Quizzing at QSenate (Weekly)
8 AEC Q-Factor (Weekly)
9 GIM Quizzing (Weekly)
10 Enter the World of Geography (Weekly)
11 Preposterous People (Weekly)
12 NSIT Quiz Club (Weekly)
13 Quiz Abyss (Weekly)
14 Quizster (Weekly)
15 Quiz Club, IIT Kanpur (Weekly)
16 QuizLexic (Weekly)
17 Quizzing at IIM Raipur (Weekly)
18 Quizito Ergo Sum (Regular)
19 Elite Quiz Club (Regular)
20 Neo Quiz Spot (Regular)
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