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Why do I need a QuizBlog subdomain?

Ans : We all have had tough time searching for a really cool but unused blogspot / wordpress subdomains right? We all agree that quizzers are among the most creative guys on Earth, but honestly, Raveesh's first quizblog sub-domain was raveeshonitquiz.blogspot.com !!!

Rather than asking your friends to remember such a funky name, isn't it cool to have a domain which says, "Hey, this is a Blog, this is a Quiz Blog and this is an Indian Quiz Blog". With "yourname.quizblog.in" your friends just have to remember "yourname" and I am sure its pretty simple.

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I already have a blog. To use the QuizBlog sub-domain, should I have to create a new one?

Ans : No. You can use the existing blog. When you change certain settings in Blogger dashboard, your QuizBlog sub-domain becomes the new domain for the same blog.


My blog already has followers and visitors. Won't I lose them if I change the sub-domain?

Ans : No. Blogger website automatically redirects to your new blog title. That is, if someone types in the old subdomain , it automatically gets redirected to the new quizblog.in sub-domain. For example, if someone types in http://thecuriousdork.blogspot.in, it gets redirected to thecurious.quizblog.in.

How can I get the QuizBlog subdomain?

Ans : You just need to decide upon the cool name that you need for your quizblog. Fill in the form by giving us your details  and details about your blog. Click here to fill in the form.


Will I get QuizBlog sub-domain for sure?

Ans : Yes, you can surely get a QuizBlog sub-domain! But please remember that Team QB reserves the rights to grant the sub-domain to anyone and provides the sub-domains at its own discretion.


How will this profit QuizBlog?

Ans :  We are not looking for any profit by providing any of our services to our users. The sole intention of QuizBlog is to bring together the whole quizzing community and unify online quizzing activities.


How can I request for a QuizBlog Sub-domain?

Here is the procedure for it:

  • Click the link provided below
  • Fill in the form to register your blog in our directory
  • Select "I want a sub-domain" 
  • Inform us which name you need as the sub-domain. For Ex : maharaja.quizblog.in  or  reazor.quizblog.in 

 We will process your registration and get back to you.. 

 Click here to request for the sub-domain. 

Note :

Suppose you've registered your blog in this site before and opted not to have a sub-domain then. IF you wish to have it now, just fill the form AGAIN.


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