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Sparked by the concept of QuizBlog? Do you think you can add value to this novel project? Then you can be a part of Team QuizBlog!!!

QuizBlog.in is a project run by a few individuals who have a passion for quizzing and unifying quizzing activities and bringing together quizzers, with the help of technology.

QuizBlog.in has recently partnered with a few other individuals and websites in order to start the 'MeThinks International Knowledge Network'. In order to start the process of building the international knowledge network, Team QuizBlog and QPursuits requires more number of contributors and volunteers. However, the international knowledge network is not only limited to quizzing and QuizBlog, but encompasses a wide field of subjects and aspects.

If you feel you can contribute to QuizBlog by being a member of team QuizBlog and of QPursuits, you're welcome! Members of Team QuizBlog and QPursuits are automatically added as the contributors of the MeThinks International Knowledge Network, upon their consent. We like you to know the following things first:

  • We're a not-for-profit group with a flair and passion for quizzing.
  • There is neither a business model nor any monetizing idea around QB.
  • We dedicate some of our leisure time to manage QuizBlog.
  • There are no age-limits or any such restrains to join the team of QuizBlog, except that you need to be able to spend some time on the computer and internet!
  • We know that everyone would be busy with their own mainstream work, so we don't expect a lot from our contributors. If you can spare just 30mins daily for QuizBlog, then you are eligible to be a part of it.
  • Team QuizBlog collaborates through Huddle, which is a state-of-the-art online project-management platform. All the contributors are managed through this platform.
 If you find your thoughts aligned with ours, you can join us for the below mentioned roles and positions. Note that the roles and positions below are collectively meant for QuizBlog, QPursuits and the MeThinks International Knowledge Network.

Power User

This is one of the simplest roles and the easiest way to be a part of the QuizBlog team! All you have to do is to apply to join the team as a Power user, and then provide us with ideas on improving QuizBlog.in! You can also get other people to see our site and provide us with their new ideas and suggestions. If a Power User's ideas have been accepted and implemented on QuizBlog, they would be duly created for it!


Blog Contributors

QuizBlog has 4 official blogs :

Quiz Events Blog : Here we write about various Quiz Events across the country. If you're a quizzer constantly traveling across the country and participating in various quizzes, you can join the team in updating the QB community with the latest Quiz events with your reviews.

Tech Quiz Blog : TCS IT Wiz and Karnataka Rural IT quiz are 2 of the hottest quiz events hosted across the country every year. We need contributors for this blog to make the Tech quizzing community aware of the events and help them stay in touch with fast moving IT world.

Biz Quiz Blog : If you wish to contribute to the official Biz Quiz Blog by updating the world about Tata Crucible, Idea Brand Equity Quiz, ET in the class room etc by reviewing the quiz, you can join our team. 

Sports Quiz Blog : If framing and posting Sports Quiz questions (IPL, EPL, NBA etc ) to quench the thirst of a Sports Quiz Enthusiast, reviewing various Sports Quiz events around your city etc interests you, you may join us. 

Technical Assistance

QuizBlog runs on one of the most sophisticated Content Management Software available in the world - Joomla. A huge bunch of extensions, components and modules run on QuizBlog.in, making it a technically-complex piece of website. If you are a tech geek and know how to operate on Joomla very well, then you can be a part of the team and contribute to the back-end work and technical work involved in the website.

Content Moderator

QuizBlog.in receives content from external and internal sources regularly, which have to be moderated before making it live on the website. Content includes articles, comments, RSS feeds, images and other relevant material that QuizBlog receives online. If you think you can moderate content that is received and add only approved content on the website, then you can be a moderator with QuizBlog! Apply now!

Marketing & Publicity

QuizBlog.in receives quite a huge lot of visitors every month and every day. The numbers run up to thousands. But more than the number of visitors, we are concerned about our goal - unifying quizzing activities and bringing the quizzing community together. QuizBlog.in might have enlisted many quiz blogs on the internet, but many of them have went unnoticed by us. We need contributors who can help us by marketing and publicizing QuizBlog.in amongst the quizzing community. We need contributors who can hunt for quiz blogs on the internet and notify them about QuizBlog. We need contributors who can get quizzers to our website. If you think you know the knack of doing this, then you ought to be on our team!


Developer for Mobile

QuizBlog.in would be rolling out a mobile version of this website, and also would be creating a few apps for the iPhone, Nokia, BlackBerry and other mobile platforms. We are looking out for people who can join us and help us out with this. If you think that we are watching out for code-savy and professional developers, then you are highly mistaken! We want team members who can create apps for various mobile platforms, not from scratch but with the help of other websites and tools with which apps can be created with a single click! Yes, we are looking out for team members who can do simple tasks like logging in to the Ovi Wizard on Nokia's website and creating an app for QuizBlog. That's as simple as ABC!


If you think you can fulfill all of the above roles, spend a little more time than the required 30mins or if you can contribute uniquely in a manner not listed above - you can as well be an administrator of QuizBlog.in! Apply now for being an administrator of QuizBlog.in!

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