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Raveesh Mayya - QuizBlog Creator and Editor in Chief

Raveesh Mayya is a quizzer, quiz master and a quiz enthusiast. Originally from Mangalore, he is an MBA Graduate from the Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), University of Delhi. He holds a bachelor degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from PESIT, Bangalore. He has conceptualized QuizBlog with a vision to unify all the online quizzing events into a single portal. He is the founder of QPursuits Project which is a firm dedicated to take online quizzing to next level. He is now a part of Mahindra & Mahindra's prestigeous leadership program called the GMC (Group Management Cadre), working as the Cluster Business Head for Bangalore Cluster. 


Raveesh is the founder of Quotient Quiz Club, the official quiz club of PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore. Tech Quizzing is Raveesh's speciality.



He has authored/co-authored a couple of books on IT Quiz like Blitz - The IT Quiz Book, Think About IT etc which have been accepted well by the Quizzing community.
Personal Website : www.iraveesh.com


Contributions to QuizBlog:

  • Conceptualized the idea of QuizBlog Portal
  • Created the site architecture
  • Maintainer of Portal and the QB Archives

M V Karan - Guest Specialist Designer

Karan, currently pursuing his pre-university studies is a web developer, graphic designer and a photographer. His proficient area of quizzing is Information Technology. Karan is currently writing a quiz book on IT. He has designed few of the emblems and is a consultant for the architecture of the website.


Twitter: www.twitter.com/mv_karan



Elvis Joel D'Souza - Guest Specialist Designer

Elvis, a final year Computer Science engineering student from PESIT is a rare combination of Designer and developer. He is an awesome designer, adept in Flash, Photoshop etc and a brilliant developer writing codes in python, php etc. He is the designer consultant for QPursuits project.

Personal Website : www.elvis.co.in


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