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Logo Quiz : Quiz Questions on Companies Logo, Brand Logo, product or team logos. All in one page..

                              Identify the Nation ?


Ans : Uganda

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Mascot of?( on 5-12-2012)

Mascot of?...

Answer : Target Corporation

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Answer: Flipkart

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First book sold on Flipkart : Leaving Microsoft to Change the world

Room to Read - The charity organization founded by John Wood, the author of the book above

Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, the co-founders of Flipkart


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Identify the logo of this company which provides laboratory and diagnostic information solutions.

Ans : Sunquest Information Systems.

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1)What did they create?
Quiz 1(Praneet Shekhar on 21-11-2012) Quiz 1(Praneet Shekhar on 21-11-2012)

2)"Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life, or do you want to come with me and change the world?"
Who said this to whom?
3) Which company owns Navteq?
4)Which was the first web browser,developed by Tim Berners Lee?
5)This is the logo of ____?(First of its kind from India)
6) X and Y were students at Stanford university.They wanted to exchange their love letters secretly.
For this they required some software or hardware.Thus,leading to the founding of  Z.
7)Ben Hammersley coined X.
X is derived from 'Playable on Demand' and 'Broadcasting'.
8) With whom would you associate this pic?

9) Expand CODEC .
10) Kodiak was the first(BETA) version of what?
Ans : 
1)Adobe-John Warnock and Charles Gescheke
2) Steve Jobs to John Sculley
4)WWW,renamed to Nexus
5)Epic Browser by Hidden Riflex(a Bangalore based company)
6)X=Cisco Y=Leonard Bosack Z=Sandra Lerners
8)Bill Gates
10)Mac OS X

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ID this iconic logo. Bonus points: Why the name?( on 21-11-2012)

ID this iconic logo. Bonus points: Why the name?...

Ans : His Master's Voice (HMV)

Nipper the Terrier was the dog of artist Francis Barraud's brother, Mark. When Mark died, Francis inherited the dog and the cylinder phonograph. 

The peculiar interest that the dog took when the recorded voice of his late master (Mark's) emanated from the Phonograph prompted Francis to draw the picture "His Master's Voice". 

Gramophone Company acquired this painting in 1899 and made it the logo of the company HMV


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Hint: Sugar maker
Ans : Bajaj Hindustan Ltd
Hint: Electricals
Ans : Bajaj Electricals

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Hint: Keeper of sorts
Ans  : ICANN, the organization responsible to keep record of web domain names etc..
Hint: Oil company in UAE
Ans : Emarat

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